In addition to the full-time courses offered at All Nations, there are a variety of complimentary, stand alone, short courses that run through the year and attract many other missional minded people to the College.

Each course is designed to provide insights into contemporary cross-cultural issues affecting and aiding mission today, and are run by a combination of our own staff and other specialist experts.

So whether you are looking for academic missional study or prefer something creative and hands on, then we have a Short Course for you.

  • Islamics Short Course

    Islam - Getting to the Heart

    3rd - 9th December 2017
    This course aims to enable Christians to better understand the roots and realities of Islam and to respond in a way that is Biblical, sensitive, informed and bold.

  • World Worship -  Short Course image

    Music and Global Worship Week

    12th - 16th February 2018
    A week course for those who want to go deeper into the concepts and practicalities of studying global worship music. Musical skills are advised.

  • Multicultural Worship Day

    Saturday 17th February 2018
    The Multicultural Worship Day is for anyone who would like to explore and understand 'heart music'.

  • Refresh for Mission

    Further details coming soon.

  • Arts for a Better Future

    Arts for a Better Future

    8th - 13th July 2018
    The aim is for you to be able help local communities draw on their artistic resources to help them respond to their spiritual, social and physical needs and help them move towards the kingdom of God.

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