Who are the courses for?

These advanced short courses are for those involved in areas such as education, health care, humanitarian aid, development, leadership, music and worship, community arts and contemporary Islam.

If you are looking for a mixture of input and experience based discussion then these courses are for you. They are also suitable for practitioners who are moving into these areas from other aspects of mission and NGO involvement.

Each course is designed for those who want a mixture of input and experience based discussion at postgraduate level. Participants should have a minimum of two years’ experience.

    • The Qur'an in Comparative Perspective

      Course dates for 2017-18 are to be confirmed.
      This course aims to equip you to critically evaluate contemporary intra-Islamic debate about Qur’an interpretation and application. You will have the opportunity for dialogical engagement with Islamic theology. There will also be a focus on comparing hermeneutical methodologies with those that have been applied to the Bible, in order to evaluate distinctive interests of the respective scriptures and of the interpretive communities.

    • Contextual Engagement with Islam

      Course dates for 2017-18 are to be confirmed.
      The course aims to enable you to distinguish between varied expressions of Islam, to identify and evaluate Christian responses, and to be critically reflective of your own practice. The course brings together theoretical and practical elements. The theoretical component examines the existence and development of different movements within Islam. The practical element will look into issues encountered by Christian mission in different contexts.

    • Mission Strategy

      Course dates for 2017-18 are to be confirmed.
      This course will focus on approaches and tools for the development of mission strategy in the current global context. Historical models of mission strategy will be evaluated and lessons from these reviewed. Current global trends in mission will be examined, and strategic planning tools and frameworks explored. We will examine various key aspects of strategy within a cross-cultural context and enable participants to learn through case studies. The course will be led by experienced mission practitioners and academics including Dr Paul Davies and Dr Johannes Reimer.

    • Managing Holistic Community Programmes

      Course dates for 2017-18 are to be confirmed.
      This course is designed to equip participants to design and manage holistic development programmes in various contexts, by developing knowledge and practice in the management of these types of programmes and the agencies involved in this type of work. We will examine the Project Cycle and focus on best practice in design and management of development programmes and interventions including strength based approaches, theory of change, and participatory monitoring, evaluation and learning.

    • Principles of Integral Mission and Development

      Course dates for 2017-18 are to be confirmed.
      This course will draw on both Biblical insight and current development thinking, to critique the conventional view and practice of ‘development’ and set out an alternative biblical view of holistic or Integral mission and development. Topics will include understanding poverty from a biblical perspective, examining the roots of global inequality, critiquing conventional development theories and exploring approaches to community empowerment. The role and process of world view transformation, good governance, and structural change including advocacy and non-violent direct action will also be discussed...

    • Arts, Identity and Local Contexts

      Course dates for 2017-18 are to be confirmed.
      This course develops the understanding of the arts in relation to cultural identity. The course aims to build a deeper understanding of the role of the arts in shaping and forming local culture and identity. We will explore Issues relating to the study of local contextual theology, and how the arts relate to cultural and religious life, within and beyond the church.

    • Music, Worship, Liturgy

      Course dates for 2017-18 are to be confirmed.
      This course looks at aspects of music, worship and liturgy in the context of our increasingly global world around. There will be a focus of study on “ethnodoxology” which will include ethnomusicology, visual and performing arts. There will also be an emphasis on arts research, facilitation of locally appropriate arts development, and key skills necessary for the practice of arts leadership in a range of cross-cultural contexts.

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