Who are the courses for?

These advanced short courses are for those involved in and looking to deepen their understanding of the theory and practice of development, humanitarian aid, and leadership in mission contexts (in the UK and beyond).

The courses will involve both a mixture of input and discussion, drawing on students own experience from around the world. The courses are at postgraduate level and ideal for those looking to update their knowledge of cutting edge  theory and practice from a biblical perspective. Participants should ideally have a minimum of two years’ relevant experience. However, the courses are also suitable for practitioners who are moving into these areas from other aspects of mission and NGO involvement.

    • Advanced Short Course

      Multicultural Ministry with Arts

      8 - 11 April 2019
      This course will look at aspects of worship, the arts and liturgy in the context of our increasing global world. We will equip participants with the skills to explore how local art forms of various cultures represented in a given church, can be used to shape worship and liturgy that is appropriate for a multicultural context. There will be a focus on ‘ethnodoxology’ which will include ethnomusicology, visual and performing arts and research. We aim to help participants develop key skills necessary for the practice of creative leadership in a multicultural context.

    • Advanced short course - Leadership

      Cross-cultural Leadership in a Missional Context

      2019 dates to be confirmed
      This course is suitable for those involved in the leadership of churches, teams and organisations with a missional purpose, and will explore the opportunities and challenges of missional leadership with particular emphasis on multi-cultural contexts. During this course you will examine biblical models, critique secular theories and have an in-depth look at servant leadership and the cultural variables that impact styles and expectations. You will also explore how leaders build emotional intelligence, effectively bring about change and develop resilience to remain effective in the long term.

    • Contextual Engagement with Islam

      Course dates for 2017-18 are to be confirmed.
      The course aims to enable you to distinguish between varied expressions of Islam, to identify and evaluate Christian responses, and to be critically reflective of your own practice. The course brings together theoretical and practical elements. The theoretical component examines the existence and development of different movements within Islam. The practical element will look into issues encountered by Christian mission in different contexts.

    • Mission Strategy

      2019 dates to be confirmed
      This course will equip participants to develop effective strategies for missional engagement in the current global context. Lessons will be drawn from an evaluation of historical models of mission strategy. Current global trends in mission will be examined, and strategic planning approaches, tools and frameworks explored. Participants will learn through the examination of case studies, particularly from a cross-cultural missional context. Delivered by experienced mission practitioners and thinkers, this course is suitable for those currently involved in or likely to be involved in the development of mission strategy at a church or organisational level.     

    • Managing Holistic Community Programmes & Agencies

      2019 dates to be confirmed
      This course is designed for those seeking to update their skills and knowledge in the planning and management of community based programmes, and the running of organisations which seek to have a holistic impact on their communities and wider society, both in the global North and South. The course will be facilitated by Dr Mark Galpin who has extensive experience of development programme design and management, and leadership of faith based development organisations.

    • Principles of Integral Mission and Development

      2019 dates to be confirmed
      This course will draw on both Biblical insight and current development thinking, to critique the conventional view and practice of ‘development’ and set out an alternative biblical view of holistic or Integral mission and development. Delivered by Dr Mark Galpin, an experienced community development practitioner and thinker, the course is suitable for those wanting to update their thinking and practice and explore how their faith impacts on the development work they are involved in. 

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