What Students Say

  • "I've found the work really brilliant in helping me process some of my work and think about my future work. The pathway that I focused on was the Leadership one, and I was trying to change my work in Burundi to look at helping support the church to start sending its own missionaries, so the MA provided a fantastic time to look at good ways of being able to do that."
  • "The Tutors in All Nations are not only knowledgeable, but also have a really rich mission experience which enriched my study as well."
  • "The tutors of All Nations are brilliant; you cannot single one out. Their approach in teaching, explanation and their relationships are excellent."
  • "I absolutely loved the comradery of our cohort. The room is filled with missional leaders from around the world and we have a great time having lunch together, talking to each other, reflecting on our course work."
  • "I really loved my first term theology class; the chance to be immersed in the scriptures from a missional stand point was a highlight for me."
Warren Beattie

Course Tutor

Warren Beattie

BD (Hons), MSc (Non-Western Christianity), PhD (University of Edinburgh)

MA in Contemporary Mission Studies - Residential

Why choose the Masters?

Since 1992, the All Nations Masters programme has attracted Christian workers from around the world. It is ideally suited for those who have some years of Christian ministry experience and want to reflect on their practice but it is an MA Programme validated by the Open University to the exacting UK postgraduate degree standards. In recent years, we have been encouraged by the high ratio of completing students achieving Merit and Distinction awards.

What is the Masters?

If you are already serving in mission and would benefit from further research and study in contemporary mission issues then the Masters is for you.

It is particularly aimed at those who would like to gain a deeper understanding of the range of issues within the discipline of mission studies. It has biblical, theological, historical, cultural, creative and religious dimensions.

Students will gain a wide grasp of current thinking, trends and developments in global Christianity and will sharpen their missiological understanding of the Bible.

What are the entry criteria?

As is normal for any Postgraduate Programme, applicants must be graduates in some subject, preferably theology or religious studies. If your degree is not in theology or religious studies you will be required to have at least one year of formal Biblical or theological training, and will be required to complete a theological book critique. In addition, you are expected to have a minimum of two years ministry or cross-cultural experience. Those who are doing awards in specialist fields are expected to have a background in arts, contemporary Islamic studies (or religious studies), development, leadership. Alternatively, there is a professional entry route which is open to applicants with good professional qualifications and a minimum of seven years of experience in the mission context. For those for whom English is not a first language, proof of English skills will also be required (IELTS - 7.0 or Cambridge - Proficiency at C grade or above).

What qualification will I get?

An Open University validated MA in Contemporary Mission Studies or Arts with Mission, Development with Mission, Leadership with Mission, an MA in Contemporary Islamic Studies or an MTh in Contextual Theology with Mission.

How is the Course Delivered?

The MA is delivered through Flexible Delivery Learning (FDL) and can be accessed in two ways:

As an “On Campus” course – the programme is delivered at the College site, which is in a beautiful rural setting here at Easneye House in Ware, Hertfordshire (full-time or part-time).

The MA lasts for 48 weeks.
As an “On Campus” course - Core modules are delivered weekly during the College year; Elective Courses are delivered as Intensive Modules at the beginning and end of the Spring Term. 

The Dissertation components are taught weekly in the Winter and Spring Terms – research and writing-up continues till the end of the academic year.

What sort of work load can I expect?

Most modules involve 30 hours of classroom time and classes run from 9:30 -1:00 with a coffee break in between.

There are Research and Dissertation components taught from 2:00 – 3:30 on Monday afternoons.
Lectures generally take up to 8 hours a week. The rest of the week will be spent in self-study, assignments and the development of the research process.  
This is a 48 week, full-time programme involving a continuous and sustained workload right till the end of the degree.
Kitchen or maintenance chores are also part of College life both to foster a servant heart and to help to reduce the student’s fees.

When can I start?

The one year full time programme begins late September. You can also study part-time which is the equivalent of two days a week – though, generally students need only be present in college for two sessions a week.

Dr. Mark Galpin comes to lecture on the MA

Listen to this exciting short interview with Dr Mark Galpin who will teach Development Studies on the BA and MA courses here All Nations Christian College starting in the new academic year.​


Read more about Dr. Mark Galpin

Key Information

  • Modules
  • Awards
  • Course Fees
  • Year at a Glance
  • Core Modules

    Mission Reflection and Integration

    Biblical and Theological Foundations

    Anthropological Foundations



    Dissertation/Extended Arts Project (Arts)

    Electives (This programme is being re-validated in 2017/18 and not all pathways will be offered in 2017/18)

    Art, Identity and Local Contexts

    Worship, music and Liturgy

    Leadership in a Mission Context

    Strategy in a Mission Context

    Principles of Integral Mission and Development

    Managing Holistic Programmes and Agencies

    Contextual Engagement with Islam

    The Qur'an in Comparative Perspective

    Missiological Issues in Contextual Theology

    Methods and Models of Contextual Theology


    For more information about the modules please click here.

  • MA Contemporary Mission Studies

    MA Arts with Mission

    MA Leadership with Mission

    MA Development with Mission

    MA Contemporary Islamic Studies

    MTh Contextual Theology with Mission


    For more information about exit awards please click here.

  • The total cost per person for the academic year (2017-18) is £13,897

    Please note that All Nations is only designated to provide Undergraduate student loans. We are not designated to provide Post Graduate student loans for 2017-18.

    For more information about the breakdown of fees please click here.

  • To see how modules are distributed across the year click here.

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