What Students Say

  • "My heart is bursting with thanksgiving, yes my Lord and God has once more been faithful in meeting me where I was, en route has played a big part in this process. I knew from the start that God had planned this encounter for me and it was exhilarating meeting Him through all the topics."
  • "The en route explore course has been a rich, rewarding experience which God has used in my life. Thank you."
  • “The fellowship, spiritual protection and personal empowerment prepared me for more than cross-cultural mission. I had the privilege of spending 10 weeks in a safe place, growing ‘in love’ with God and his godly people."
  • “It’s just so good. I wish everyone in my church and family could attend as cross-cultural mission is not just for a select few being sent overseas.”
  • “It provides a great foundation for any Christian in developing an understanding of mission – this is so important for every Christian, not just those who know themselves called to go overseas.”
  • “It is a very good and practice-oriented course with very good teachers. A very good basis for mission!”
  • “It gives those called to serve Him in a cross-cultural context a very sound and deep preparation for what could potentially lie ahead. It also motivates you to go out into all nations and proclaim His truth but in a culturally sensitive and confident way.”
  • “The course has great breadth and depth in terms of understanding cross- cultural mission, reflecting deep engagement with the Bible and a range of disciplines. There is a balance of attention to theory and practice, rooted in the lives and experience of the tutors, which gives it great authenticity.”
  • “It is a clear and concise, yet comprehensive preparation. It is training that comes from a place of being rooted in Christ and the Bible. It’s a really supportive environment for learning and being equipped.”
  • “It has provided a solid foundation for cross-cultural mission based on the bible and grounded on the cross-cultural experience of the tutors. There is a good balance of emphasis on head, heart and hands.”

Course Tutor

Richard & Louisa Evans

Richard and Louisa co-facilitate the en route course. Find out more about Richard…

En Route (Residential)

Why choose en route?

If you are interested or involved in cross-cultural ministry and service, whether at home or abroad, and have 10 weeks available for training then en route is for you.

What is en route?

En Route is a 10 week programme of essential training that covers the basics of cross-cultural mission. It has been designed and developed by Dr. Ruth Wall, and now has over 350 graduates from over 30 nations. It is aimed at those who are considering cross-cultural work but have little or no previous training, as well as those with some experience who are looking to reflect and build on their understanding. It is suitable for those who desire to be engaged in cross-cultural mission through their local church and/or a Christian mission agency, both locally and globally.

What will we cover over the 10 weeks?

Over the 10 weeks of en route you will explore a wide range of topics including: developing a full understanding of culture and worldview and their implications for our Christian life and service; the Biblical basis for mission; current trends and contemporary approaches in mission; exploring the spiritual disciplines and their relevance to longevity in mission; understanding poverty and development; keeping healthy in body, mind and spirit; working as part of a team, and a whole range of practical issues from communication and finances to practical and creative skills workshops such as car maintenance and first aid.

Who leads en route?

Richard Evans, MA (Leadership in Mission), BSc (Econs) and Louisa Evans, MTh (Contextual Theology), BSc (Econs) are the en route programme leaders. Richard is originally from London, UK and Louisa from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They have worked in churches in the UK, Malaysia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Nigeria. Their passion is for church-planting, discipleship and cross-cultural mission training.

Richard and Louisa can be contacted directly via r.evans@allnations.ac.uk or l.evans@allnations.ac.uk.

Alongside Richard and Louisa, other All Nations tutors and visiting lecturers contribute to the en route programme.

What are the entry criteria for en route?

There are no prior academic requirements for en route.  Full benefit will come to those with good conversational English. An indication of the advisable level of English would be an IELTS score of 4.5 in Listening and Comprehension and 4.0 in Reading and Writing. 

For those for whom English is not their first language, an interview may be conducted to ascertain the student's suitability for the course. However, the college retains the right to refuse an application if it is not satisfied with the candidate’s ability to communicate in the English language.

What qualification will I get?

The All Nations en route certificate.

How is the course delivered?

This is a residential course, although students who are able to commute may do so. The programme is delivered from the College campus, which is in a beautiful rural setting here at Easneye House in Ware, Hertfordshire.

What sort of work load can I expect?

Classes run from 9:30am-1pm, Monday to Friday, with occasional afternoon classes. The remainder of the afternoons are available for personal study and the completion of assignments.

Kitchen or maintenance chores are also part of College life both to foster a servant heart, build community and to help to reduce student’s fees.

Further information

For more details about en route please contact the en route administrator, Tina Braithwaite.

To download the latest en route brochure click here.

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Key Information

  • Modules
  • Course Fees
  • Course Dates
  • Module 1: Who am I? 
    Understanding our identity and personality in relation to God, His mission and others. Living in a cross-cultural learning community, working in teams and handling transition.

    Module 2: The Bible and Mission
    Exploring the Bible’s missional narrative and examining mission in the early church, across the centuries and in our world today.

    Module 3: Culture and Religion
    Developing an understanding of culture, worldview and religious traditions, and their implications for cross-cultural life and work.

    Module 4: Relating and Integrating Across the Cultures 
    Dealing with the practical issues of cross-cultural life and service, equipping students with the skills for building cross-cultural relationships.

    Module 5: Integral Mission: Building God’s Kingdom
    Exploring cross-cultural evangelism, discipleship, church-planting, creation care, poverty and development, and arts in mission.

    en route to...
    Exploring God’s guidance and call on our lives. Gaining practical resources for the next step.

  • Total cost per person for 10 weeks £3620

    For more information about the breakdown of fees please click here.

  • en route runs 3 times a year: beginning in late September, early January or late April in any academic year.

    The dates for 2016/17 are:
    Spring Term: This term will not be running for this year only, 2016/17. 
    Summer Term: Thursday, 20 April – Saturday, 1 July 2017

    The dates for 2017/18 are: 
    Autumn Term:
    Wednesday, 20 September - Saturday, 2 December 2017
    Spring Term: Thursday, 4 January - Saturday, 17 March 2018
    Summer Term: Thursday, 19 April - Saturday, 30 June 2018

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