30th March 2017

Arts tutor Jill Ford features in 'International Council of Ethnodoxologists' Network, (ICE).


Here at All Nations we are keen to work in partnership ICE Jill Fordtogether as we seek to advance the Kingdom of God here on earth.
All Nations seeks to find the best possible methods of expressing the gospel in cross-cultural and multicultural contexts. The Arts  not only provide a powerful and meaningful way to break through cultural barriers, but they are also important for expressing gospel truths as we seek to help others understand and worship God.

 The ICE NETWORK recognises Jill Ford as:

"... integrally involved with ethnodoxology in the United Kingdom on an educational level and a local church level, and her vision extends even further! She longs to see theological and mission training schools seek to foster and incorporate the arts and principles of ethnodoxology in to their curriculum, and she desires that they would value and affirm the relationship between the arts, culture and faith."

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