Here at All Nations we are interested in finding valuable information about mission. Journals and articles are a great source for keeping up to date. Below you can find some of the latest articles on mission that you should know about. Some of these articles can be found in the All Nations library and others are available on the web.


A Discussion of Vulnerability in Mission for the Twenty-First Century from a Biblical Perspective
Anne Elizabeth Dyer

Transformation: An International Journal of Holistic Mission Studies January 2017 34:1 38-49
‘Vulnerable mission’ as a technical term was devised by a small team in 2007. There has been considerable Internet and conference debate on this issue since 2007. The issue for which vulnerable mission was formed is to create a way through dependency syndromes. For those working in areas of patron–client cultures where it is too easy to allow a dependency syndrome to develop, how can a vulnerable approach by the one sent be realistically engaged? This paper is an attempt to consider the definition and biblical warrant for the concept of missional vulnerability. Surveying various biblical scenes even in so brief a paper brings a prophetic challenge.




Are Migrant Churches Missional? A Case for Expanding Our Geography of Missions
Stanley John

International Bulletin of Mission Research January 2017 41:1 8-17
Many church leaders conclude that immigrant churches are not engaged in missions, based on a limited view of the geographic scope of missions. The “going principle” assumes that mission activity involves cross-cultural engagement, while the “staying principle” refers to embracing the local neighborhood where the church is located. While useful, both principles limit our vision of missional engagement. It is helpful to employ the theory of transnationalism to expand the notion of place and geography, allowing us to capture the full scope of missional engagement by many immigrant churches. The article concludes with a case study of Kerala Pentecostal churches.




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