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Putting the Shameful Body to Death: Some Critiques and a Way Forward in the Soteriology of Shame
Simon Cozens and Christoph Ochs

Transformation: An International Journal of Holistic Mission Studies October 2019 36:4 233-245
The concepts of ‘honour and shame’ have emerged in contemporary missiological discourse as a key tool for ministry among ‘shame cultures’. While a recognition of different cultural values is an important step towards contextualisation, the soteriological models presented in these discussions are primarily based on a number of hidden assumptions which require further investigation: that shame is overcome by an outpouring of honour; that shame is a problem between humanity and God; and that the ‘honour system’ of this world is a viable model in which to locate salvation. We review these assumptions and instead propose an understanding of salvation for shame based on the rejection of honour, the subversion of shame, the death of the shameful body and rebirth in new community.


Mentoring, Modeling, and Mandating Leadership Influences on the Perceptions and Activities of Church Planters in West Africa
J. Stephen Jester

Missiology: An International Review October 2019 47:4 395-409
The rapid growth of Christianity in Africa in the last three decades is attributed to the aggressive activity of local church planters in their efforts to evangelize and missionize their contexts. Key factors represent important leadership influences serving as catalysts for the rapid increase in the number of new faith communities. Research data in the contexts of Anglophone Nigeria and Francophone Togo demonstrate that leaders serve a vital function in motivating church planters through mentoring, modeling, and mandating church-planting activity.


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