Help All Nations students
the warmth of God's love!


All Nations urgently needs to replace the college’s oil-fired boilers, which are now well over 20 years old!
The current boiler system breaks down frequently, particularly during periods of cold weather! Last winter many of our students struggled to endure a number of days without any heating or hot water... read more in appeal letter

The plan
Our plan is to install a new gas boiler system, which can be more easily controlled in all of the different parts of the All Nations campus, and which will be much more effective and efficient (95% heat-efficient in fact, whereas the current system is rated at just 65% efficient). We hope to install the new system during the college’s Easter vacation in March-April 2019. However, this new system will come at a significant cost...

Estimated price tag: £400,000!

Every donation will make a very big difference!
£17,000 has already been spent on design and planning, but we will need to raise:

  • £15,000 for new pipes
  • £25,000 for a temporary boiler
  • £35,000 to remove the old system
  • £190,000 to fit the new system, and so on…

So far, with your help and support we have raised £55,500! Thank you!

Please would you consider making a gift today to help us purchase the new boiler system?
You’d also be helping All Nations students feel the warmth of God’s love!

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