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All Nations Christian College

Rediscovering the Heart of Business Heart of Business, Peter Hanney
Led by business consultant Peter Hanney and All Nations Staff

Rediscovering the Heart of Business is a series of five evening events seeking to connect the heart of business with the most important things in life, and in particular, to explore God’s heart for the world of business and those working within it and to provide an opportunity for biblical challenge, discussion, networking and prayer. 

This course is reccommended for any of the following participants

•    People working in the world of business, who sense that this is part of God’s calling for their lives and want to explore this calling.
•    Those seeking to support people working in business.
•    People interested in the role of business in building society and tackling poverty.
•    Those (like St Paul) seeking to include some element of business activity or employment within a wider mission strategy.


Purpose, meaning and motivation - 21st February
•    Exploring purpose and motivation in business
•    How does this connect with what gives purpose and meaning in life?

What do good businesses look like? - 14th March
•    A survey of successful businesses having a positive impact on society.
•    How can we influence the businesses we work for or are connected to?

What has gone wrong with our business culture? - 25th April
•    The battle for hearts and minds in the world of business.
•    How can we be equipped to survive and thrive, to be effective salt and light? 

The role of business in tackling poverty and fuelling economic development. - 23rd May
•    Why is it so difficult for communities or nations to escape poverty?
•    How can businesses and entrepreneurs have the most positive impact?

How can we be complete business people? - 13th June
•    What does it mean to be a complete human being, living life to the full?
•    How can we become complete business people, reflecting God’s image?


These evenings will seek to provide some key biblical reference points, based in particular on the teaching of Moses (who established a blue print for a new kind of nation and economy which was in many ways ahead of its time) and of Jesus (whose preparation for three years which shaped the course of human history included running a family building business, an experience which is reflected in his teaching and his ability to engage with ordinary working people).

It will also draw on a wide variety of practical examples of successful international businesses, exploring the strengths and weaknesses of their business models and approaches, the opportunities and challenges they face in relation to their impact on society as a whole.

This is a pilot series of events, supported by All Nations Christian College and Christ Church Ware. Your feedback will be sought throughout and the intention is to create a series of study guides for wider use.

Peter Hanney: FCA, MA
Peter has spent many years working in business as an accountant, consultant and senior manager, delivering change in a range of organisations. Throughout this time he has been exploring God’s heart for and perspective on business, and he has more recently been conducting research on how business can achieve greater positive impact for the whole of society.


Evening Format

7.45pm for 8pm start, finishing at 9.30pm, led by Peter Hanney
•    Introduction and biblical challenge
•    Small group discussion and real-life application
•    Feedback and prayer


These events will be held in the beautiful setting of Easneye, Ware, Hertfordshire  SG12 8LX, the home of All Nations Christian College.  This house was originally the home of the devout and faithful Buxton family, who amongst other things ran a successful brewing business.


These events are free. However, if you would like, you will have the opportunity to make a donation to the student bursary fund at All Nations Christian College.


In order to register for this course, please contact the college reception on: 01920 443500.

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