An interview featuring one of our students who lives on site with her husband.

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I am Kinya Leong from Macau In China. I have lived on site at All Nations with my husband for two years whilst studying on the .B.A programme.

Why did you choose All Nations?

Me and my husband met on the OM ship and chose to come to All Nations because we feel called to serve in long term mission. We knew that we would need strong, foundational training for this, and many of our friends from the OM ship had come to All Nations to train and would always recommend it to us as the place to go. The tutors in All Nations have a lot of experience in mission, so we were confident that here will be the right place for equipping ourselves.

How have you found studying at College?

We found it really helpful for us to consolidate our mission experience in the past, and also provide a deeper reflection and critical evaluation for mission. We found that we made many mistakes before and we hope that in the future we can be better missionaries for God's kingdom.

How has it been studying & living on site as a married couple?

We are in the community of All Nations which we are thankful for, at the same time we have enough private space for us as a couple. Couples live along the “couples corridor” in the main house and we get to share a communal kitchen together to use at our convenience. Sometimes we like to break away and cook our own Chinese food! The corridor is also above the library and so is quiet and also a great help when deadlines are ahead!

Any other comments?

Our neighbours are other married couples as well. This is special as we can naturally get closer to each other for fellowship and support, so that we can learn from one another’s experiences. This helps us grow together as a married couple.

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