All Nations offers a series of innovative and specialist Arts modules at both Undergraduate and Postgraduate level.

The arts are a unique and essential part of the curriculum to teach skills, competences, flexibility, good communication and creativity which are all important for mission. We encourage our students to develop in their understanding of the beliefs and values of other cultures, and we believe the arts provide a gateway for missionaries to enter in to a dialogue with people of other cultures and communicate the gospel more effectively.

The Arts modules are part of our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. This means you can study a range of Arts focused modules alongside your biblical, intercultural and personal development modules.



These modules are the Arts vocational specialist modules you can select as part of the undergraduate programme at All Nations.


Performing Arts in Education (Diploma - level 5)

This practical module provides students with the opportunity to explore a variety of social and moral issues through the Performing Arts. Students will devise their own presentations for different contexts combining moral and social issues with appropriate performance skills and techniques. They will have the opportunity to review, refine, modify and evaluate their work and that of others from preparation to presentation, and will be given performance opportunities throughout the module.


Visual & Western Culture (Diploma - level 5)

This module explores aspects of western culture and the relationship between the visual arts, culture and faith. The module will be split into two main areas of study:

1. Western Culture: exploring aspects of Modernism and Postmodernism, and some of the key social issues in contemporary Western society.

2. An introduction to Visual Culture and the practice of contemporary visual artists and film makers, with the opportunity to create original art work and develop an appreciation of film as an aid to communication, and the treatment of spiritual issues.


World Worship Music (Diploma - level 5)

This module is an introduction to the concepts and practicalities of world Christian worship music with primary application to the non-western church context but with relevance to multi-cultural worship settings in the UK. Listening and song sessions will give exposure to different world musical styles and practical exercises will be readily applicable to a variety of worship environments.


Arts, Culture and Identity (Degree - level 6)

This module aims to explore and identify ways in which cultural identity is expressed through artistic communication. Specific art forms will be selected for interpretation and analysis with a view to developing and understanding new possibilities for practice in cross-cultural mission contexts.


Ethnomusicology (Degree - level 6)

This module examines the application of ethnomusicology to cross-cultural Christian ministry. It will cover a background to ethnomusicology as a discipline, its fieldwork and methods, and a range of core ethnomusicological and ethnodoxological skills used in mission contexts.


Extended Arts Project (Degree - level 6)

The arts research project provides a major opportunity for students to develop personal research and further skills in chosen artistic and creative domains as well as practical and writing skills. Students can work on an independent extended Arts Project consisting of a creative presentation with a written report of the research and process OR write an essay to explore in greater depth a topic relating to the Arts specialism of study in the BA (Hons) programme. Both options are discussed in consultation with the Arts tutor and, where necessary, another tutor who may have expertise in the chosen field.


Performing Arts in Community (Degree - level 6)

This module will give students the opportunity to practice delivering creative workshops for a variety of contexts and ages. They will prepare, deliver and evaluate their own material as well as gain understanding in performance art skills and issues, related to personal and social development, social and moral issues and the benefits of participation. The module will help equip students with the communication, creative and organisational skills required to run performing arts workshops for a variety of groups.

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